Page 'o Links 

Welcome to the links page. Now go surf.


A great resource for all things Forgotten Realms.

The Burnt World of Athas

A great site for all things Dark Sun

Planet AD&D

The godfather of all D&D sites. A ton of info for ALL realms of AD&D universe, Core Rules downloads, free Forums, etc.

I.C.E. (Iron Crown Enterprises) Home Page

I think the links name says it all. ALL product available for order from the site. 


A small but cool site dedicated to role-playing forums that allow you to post 'in character'. Run by a couple cool people, Tryn and Ellusory.

The Rolemaster Grand Campaign Treasure Page

I love it when I hide things in plain sight! Enjoy the spoils!

The Chosen Of Eilistraee

The best site out there for devotees of the goddess of all good Drow, Eilistraee. Chat, forums, role-playing, and info on the goddesses beliefs and tenets.

Noble Knight Games

Trying to find that out of print or rare role-playing book or supplement? This place will have it!!

SV Games

This place has just about ANY D&D, AD&D, etc book in PDF format for purchase and download.

The Knights of Silver Homepage

My personal site dedicated to my RPG group, our games, characters and adventures we have with them. The site contains PC bios, character sheets, portraits game pics and a journal of the adventures we have had so far.

Rolemaster Grand Campaign Page

Another personal site dedicated to my ongoing Grand Campaign using the Rolemaster system. Contains house rules, downloads and soundtracks for the campaign.


  Gates McFadden

Mark's Gates McFadden Page

My little shrine dedicated to the woman of my dreams. A LOT of pictures, bio page and filmography.

Gates McFadden Web Ring

A web ring that is dedicated to Gates/Crusher related websites. About a dozen, including mine.

Trek Ladies Webring

A webring that is dedicated to ALL Trek ladies, from Nichelle Nichols to Jolene Blalock. Has A LOT of sites, which I am also a member of.

Gates McFadden Online

Absolutely awesome site with great pics, wallpapers, journal icons and usually some recent news/pics.

Heavenly Gates

Cool site with some good pictures and bio page.




Best monthly magazine dedicated to drummers and their profession.


In my eyes and ears, the current drum god. There is NO ONE like this guy on earth. Just an inhuman ability to play exactly what the song needs while amazing you with his virtuosity on the instrument.


Drummer for Dream Theater. One of the greatest progressive rock/fusion drummers alive today. I don't think there is anybody with as precise and flowing chops as this guy, with the exception of Vinnie. 


Current drummer for Styx. This guy is like my new favorite drummer. I was just blown away when I first heard him outside of Styx. Just an amazingly musical drummer.


My good friend Todd Souths' website for his band. Guitars, vocals and percussion make for some cool folksy type music.


Best page of dozens for my all time favorite rock band.

100.5 The Zone

A great radio station here in Sacramento, CA.


These guys are my second favorite progressive rock band next to YES. Where YES is more symphonic and classical sounding, these guys ROCK!! 

Joe Getty and The Dead Flowers

One of two bands I'm currently playing in. Check it out. Some good music there...


Lord Of The Rings and Tolkien

The One

Best site for all recent Tolkien news.

Official Site

Official movie site.

The Encyclopedia Of Arda

As the link says... An encyclopedia of all things Middle-earth.



Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics homepage. Site of the ONLY comics worth reading!

Superhero Hype

Cool site that is everything superhero from DC to Marvel, from comics to movies. You want to know about it, find out here.

PC Gaming

3D Action Planet

A site with anything you might need to play almost ANY 3d action type game there is. Mods, Patches, cheats, walkthroughs, you name it it's here!

Planet Halflife

The quintessinal Half-Life and Half-Life 2 Site.

Jedi Knight.Net

Very cool site for all things related to the Lucas Arts games Jedi Knight, Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy.

BioWare's Neverwinter Nights Community Site

Official site and great online community for Biowares' awesome CRPG, Never Winter Nights.

The Neverwinter Vault

A fan site with some very cool player made mods for NWN.


SCI-FI / Star Trek / Star Wars / ETC


Battlestar Galactica

A show that has become an obsession of mine. I originally watched it to get a laugh (Starbuck and Boomer women?!?!? Blasphemy!!!), but was blown away by the realism and darkness of the story. (As it should be really considering the plotline) If you love great Sci-Fi, do yourself a favor and check it out on friday nights, 10 pm, on the Sci-Fi channel.

Firefly and Serenity:the Movie

A show that was originally around back in 2002 that has become one of my all time favorite tv shows. I really hope the movie gets the show back n the air. Friday nights at 7 pm on Sci-Fi channel.

Creation Entertainment

Great site for Trek conventions and other cool franchise conventions like LOTR, xena, and Star Wars


One of the best sites on the web for all things Trek.

Trek Today

Another great site for all things trek.


Great page for all things Star Wars. Unofficial site that has A LOT of great stuff.


The ONLY OFFICIAL site for Star Wars. Has the paid Hyperspace service and much much else for free.

Master Replicas FX

A great site that offers the best recreations of the lightsabers from most of the movies.

Ultra Sabers

Another great site for lightsabers. They do custom saber designs and MR conversions to Luxeon sabers.

Random Sabers

The best site to have a really one of a kind saber hilt created for you, even from your own sketches! Their gallery is massive! 

The World Of Logan's Run

An awesome site for Logan fans. Updates on the remake of the movie and other cool stuff.


Incredibly cool site with FLASH that is interactive. New, Archives, pics, etc.